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Statement of Partnership

New England Disaster Chaplains Association (NEDCA)

In the spirit of collaboration and mutual aid, the Faith based agencies (FBO'S)  and Non-Governmental Organizations  (NGO'S)  listed in this document, have mutually affirmed their commitment to collaboration and communication between faith based organizations offering critical disaster chaplaincy care, also known as Emotional and Spiritual Care (ESC), to survivors. As such, these agencies have come together in partnership to share information, drawing from the capability and mission of each organization.   For the purposes of supporting disaster chaplaincy response, each agency affirms a partnership in an effort to provide awareness, understanding of resource capability and share subject matter experience


With the signing of this document, each agency, agrees to facilitate the exchange of experience and knowledge, leading to the delivery of comprehensive and capable disaster chaplaincy services.

Specifically, NEDCA will seek to:

  • Develop a resource list of agency information highlighting mission in disaster chaplaincy, volunteers trained in Disaster Chaplaincy/ESC, response protocols, and agency credentialing process. Massachusetts will be the initial focus area, which will then be expanded to other states.

  • Develop a strategy to educate and strengthen Government sector awareness and advocate by collaborating with FEMA, State Emergency Managers (EM), and local EM, enhancing the visibility and understanding of Disaster Chaplaincy in the EM sector.


  • Promote “Best Practices” as a means of increasing preparedness, response and recovery capabilities within each agency, including recognition of agencies that provide a specialized component of disaster chaplaincy services.


  • Support and promote NE State VOAD organizations by encouraging NEDCA members to fully participate in their State VOADs through sharing best practices and engaging State VOAD Emotional & Spiritual Care committee chairs in the work done at NEDCA


  • Develop an annual NEDCA Summit to provide opportunities for training and relationship building. 



All parties enter into this agreement in good faith and agree to pursue mutual objectives as stated. This document will be subject to review every 18 months, of which the next review will be June 2021.

This statement of Partnership is not a legal document and does not constitute any legally binding contract.

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